What Is App Store Optimization

What Is App Store Optimization

authorMáté Rauscher September 8, 2015

There are over 2 million apps right now in the two major app stores and it's continuing to grow like crazy. If you have an app, that's great - but you are still at the beginning of growth.

Think for a minute, what if you were one of the first 2 million to have a website? You’d probably be a successful entrepreneur who bet on the winning horse. To put things in perspective, there are about 861 million websites today. However it is still extremely hard to stand out from the 2 million. The app stores are crowded, especially for the most popular searching terms. In order get more downloads you need to rank higher. How? Read on.

number of available apps in the apple app store

Is ASO the new SEO?

ASO stands for app store optimization and is often mentioned as the new SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you were there in the early days of the internet, you should remember how big of an advantage it was to know about SEO. People made entire businesses because they knew how to code and understood how search engines worked. As for today, search engine optimization has changed a lot. The algorithms are complicated and changing extremely fast. SEO has become a whole separate business division.

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I believe that the situation is very similar today with the app store optimization. Apps are still in their youth and knowing some tricks can help you a lot. So it's better to jump on the winning ship again, isn't it?

app discovery methods

What is App Store Optimization?

Basically, it is the collection of techniques with which your app can be discovered by the users. There are different strategies out there to get users to download your app, but as the graph shows, right now the app store optimization is the most efficient with regards to time and money.

strategies to get discovered in the app store

Why is ASO so important?

According to a recent study, 63% of people discover and download apps through app store search. Therefore, this is the single most used method to get new apps by users. From the graph above, it can be clearly concluded that any other methods for app discovery has a significantly smaller chance. Even though word of mouth can be very powerful, there's no explicit science behind it. Other techniques like getting PR or running marketing campaigns can be very costly. Most of us can not afford all these. The most simple thing you can do to get more users in your app is to learn about ASO and use the proven strategies to your advantage. Even if you have a large user base, you should take great care in executing ASO, simply because it's an opportunity you can not miss.

if you have an app, ASO is simply a thing that you can not miss
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What are you going to learn in this course?

If you participate our 8 week App Store Optimization Course, you'll get lessons for the following topics:

  1. week -The anatomy of the App Store
  2. week - App icons
  3. week - Screenshots
  4. week - Keywords
  5. week - Descriptions
  6. week - Reviews
  7. week - Referrals
  8. week - Advanced techniques

Throughout the course, you'll often find case studies and infographics. For our subscribers, we'll provide custom actionable tips and templates that are not going to be available anywhere else.

Postings and special information will be available one week in advance for those who has subscribed. Public posts are not going to include the special freebies and action tips.

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